The long swansong

Satire is the chief enemy of Islam in those swan song days of its
prelude before its “death” in the form it has been hitherto, but, its new life,
after this “death”, a new life as a normal bourgeois religion is slowly
emerging before our eyes.

This normalisation is what its adherents have long dreaded, and many
Muslims still dread it today, but most of Islam’s younger members, especially
the males have already been there since about 1970. It was clear that many teenaged
males, and also older males, in their twenties, were drinking beer on par with
the UK natives in public houses, or pubs, by the late 1960s, yet that alcohol
consumption is a great departure from Islam, even though mosques were, back then
in the early 1970s, springing up as though the creed was growing rather than

Most of the many UK mosques, maybe, date from the early 1970s; a lot
certainly do. But by 2070, they will most likely be closing UK mosques more
rapidly than they are the forsaken Christian churches in the UK today.

This normalisation of Islam is a cultural tide that many Muslims still
wish they could roll back. That is what the Rushdie affair of the 1980s was
about and it is what the attack on the magazine offices of Charlie Hebdo
in Paris yesterday, Wednesday, 7 January 2015, was about too.

Twelve people were killed in the attack on the magazine offices to get
revenge for targeting Islam in their cartoons. Eight were journalists and four
others, including two policemen were also killed. Eleven others were injured; a
few were reported by the BBC as badly so.

The reaction will only enhance the felt need for most Muslims to conform
to French normality. A few more Muslims might join the jihad to try to protect
Islam as it still is, but way more will want to conform to religious normality as
a result. So, ironically, the cultural tide they seek to resist will be boosted
by their resistance. Such jihad resistance can only effectively score own
goals, even if they do also recruit a few to aid them in the short run.

Cherif and Said Kouachi are said to be the main two attackers on the
magazine yesterday. They are now on the run, but still armed. Cherif Kouachi
was sentenced to three years in gaol, back in 2008, for recruiting jihadist
fighters to go to Iraq from Paris. Yesterday,
Hamyd Mourad, 18, on hearing his name on the news, handed himself in to a
police station in Charleville-Mezieres. So he is already keen to conform. That
indicates that even the very committed may soon drop out, owing to this sort of

The magazine’s office had been earlier firebombed in 2011. It had been a
long running aim of the staff of the magazine to deliberately normalise Islam.

Bystanders yesterday reported that the gunmen shouted in the street as
they made their getaway, saying “we have avenged the Prophet
Muhammad” , “we killed Charlie Hebdo”, and “God is Great” [in Arabic] too, but
if they have killed off this particular magazine, many new ones are highly
likely to arise to further satirise Islam. The aim of Charlie Hebdo
staff to normalise Islam looks unstoppable, even if the magazine itself now
folds up.