equality before the
Or equality under the law (as some *statists might prefer it). In *libertarian terms, this means people having no *privileges (due to *wealth, *class, sex, *race, fame, etc.) with respect to the *law. And ‘law’ means the enforceable rules that have
*anarchically evolved to
protect persons and their property from *aggressive
acts. All are to be equally subject to, and protected by, these defensive

In *statist terms ‘equality before
the law’ means having no privileges with respect to the state rules that
pose as law. As the elected oligarchs that rule *‘democracies’ make up most of these rules, sometimes
on an ad hoc basis, this is a dubious aspiration. And as, some of, the
oligarchs appoint the *judges, even this is
unlikely to be lived up to. See *rule of law.

A Dictionary of Libertarianism