Is it high time that NATO became defunct?

“The pen is mightier than the sword” says the adage but presumably it means in the long run, for clearly a pen is no match for a sword in a duel.

All states have a moral support base in authority but force will be normally stronger in the short run. However, even Stalin knew that he could command no one at all, let alone any divisions, if this moral authority suddenly collapsed, and he also knew that it could collapse at almost any time.

At one time Stalin thought that the authority he had as head of state had collapsed; or maybe more apt, evaporated. It was after Stalin had openly and publically doubted that Hitler had invaded, as they had an agreement, or a pact, not to attack each other that Stalin thought that Hitler was about as satisfied with as he was. When the invasion progressed into the USSR, Stalin made clear his belief that it had not. But he later realised that it had. He felt sure that he had made a fool of himself to the extent that he had destroyed his credit completely. It is often said that Communism and Catholicism have a great deal in common and one of them is in being creeds that eventually built up a power base by propaganda, a base that did bring divisions to the Pope in the middle ages but such power was too much at odds with the Christian creed to survive as being proper for a Pope. So the Church did shed them.

Anyway, Stalin believed he had spent his credit with the USSR in the 1940s after Hitler invaded. He was famously waiting to be arrested when they came to ask what his orders were to counter the invasion that he, earlier, had doubted. .

Russia going into Crimea is not a key moment for “the West”. Indeed, it is not a defensive problem for the West at all but no end of fools, maybe under the influence of the centenary of the 1914 Great War, tend to imagine that it is. Putin is a little Hitler, according to them. All that line of thought is clear warmongering bosh. And it is about time that NATO ceased to exist, as the Warsaw pact has long since done. NATO is a sheer waste of time and money. It no longer relates to the defence of the west, not even one iota. It is now an institution that has nothing to do. Such sinecure institutions need to have their funds cut off.